Firm Duly Approved by Government of India, Ministry of External Affairs

Lic. No. B-2361/DEL/PART/1000+/5/9752/2020

Friends Diagnostic Centre

Friends Diagnostic Centre

Friends diagnostic Centre is providing the service of pre medical checkup for the workers those who are applying for the jobs in GCC Countries. So before going to any GCC Approved Medical Centre the workers can come to us for the pre medical checkup at very low cost to make sure that either they are medically Fine and Fit or not. So, if they are medically fit then they can comfortably move to the GCC Approved Medical Centre for their complete medical examinations. Medical Certificates issued by any GCC Approved medical Centre are considered valid and very necessary for visa endorsement of the workers.

Friends Diagnostic Centre have qualified and experienced professionals to perform all the required medical test of the workers properly as well as with the utmost accuracy. All the basic clinical examination like blood pressure, heart, lungs etc. are carried out at our medical centre. The laboratory investigations done on X-Ray, blood, and urine are done by the professionals at our medical Centre. Our medical team do the study of the past medical history of the workers, and present medical certificate is issued. The medical fitness certificate ensures that workers are medically Fit & Fine without any disease to work in the Gulf countries.

The medical certificates issued by our medical team are only to make sure about the fitness of the workers those who want to apply for the jobs in GCC Countries. Workers must have to go to any GCC Approved Medical Centre for their complete medical examinations as per the guidelines of GCC Countries. We understand that the norms and guidelines for the medical fitness test for job application in Gulf Countries are very strict.

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  •  27-B, Khizrabad, Near Lions Hospital
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    110025 (INDIA)
  • Contact Numbers: +91-9313982542
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