Firm Duly Approved by Government of India, Ministry of External Affairs

Lic. No. B-2361/DEL/PART/1000+/5/9752/2020


About Us

Friends Tours & Travels is a Recruitment Agency Duly Approved by Government of India, Ministry of External Affairs, Lic. No. B-2361/DEL/PART/1000+/5/9752/2020 We have always committed ourselves to providing the genuine and qualified applicants to our clients as per pre-defined criteria and job description. We are continuously building strong business relationships with our clients. It encouraged our clients to depend on us to provide them with our services. Our dedication has put us on the top of the HR Consultation and recruitment agencies in India.

As an recruitment agency, our team is composed of dedicated consultants whose careers in recruitment along with their educational background provide them with the necessary talent management skills. Each job recruiter has been exposed to an array of industries allowing their portfolio coverage to be diverse.

We start our recruitment process ranges from identifying, sourcing and screening, interviewing and assessing candidates, as well as by assisting in the on boarding processes. We will simply send you candidates who are all around prepared and suited to your organisation Friends Tours and Travels have comprehensive experience of helping unemployed people into suitable jobs in Middle East. It benefits whole families, communities as well as employers. We work personally with candidates before they started working so we have wonderful cognizance of the parts that they are suited to. We help our clients to find the best applicants to grow the organisation.